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Harper Microgel Pillow (Gusset)


Hotel-quality comfort with responsive & ultra-breathable support

Why'll you love it
100% natural bamboo fibre fabric
Revolutionary down-alternative fibre offers the perfect balance between comfort and support.
2 inches gusset, pillow-in-pillow designed for eliminate neck pain

An innovative pillow-in-pillow design, for adaptive comfort however you sleep.


Tropical Leaves

2 inch gusset, pillow-in-pillow designed for eliminate neck pain 


Upgrade your sleep sanctuary...

Our microgel pillow is specifically designed to give you more comfort by using the most technologically advanced fibre fill. Microgel fibre is 100 times finer than poly fibres and is a hypoallergenic, synthetic fill that feels like down.

Drift into deep, restorative sleep with the hotel-quality comfort

Harper microgel pillows are plush but supportive.They're made out of synthetic fibers that are similar to silk. This makes the pillow feel just as luxurious as feather pillows even though the fibers are all synthetic.


Pillow in Pillow design (gusset) for better neck allignment.

Designed and tested by our in house ergonomics, it's proven to added spine which offers extra height and support for better neck alignment.It evenly distributes the weight between your neck and head, making sure your body stays aligned to the spine’s natural curvature as you sleep.Our gusset runs 2 inches along the sides of the pillow, ensuring that it does not sink – the ideal design for side sleepers, those with broad shoulders or those who prefer high pillows.

The outer fabric of our pillows are made from all-natural bamboo fabric, a naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and breathable material that wicks moisture away from the skin. Just the right fit for a refreshing sleep sensation even in our humid tropical climate.


Rest in the soothing embrace of Mother Nature


Microgel an down alternative materials.

Gel fiber is a micro denier, synthetic polyester that was created to mimic the qualities of premium goose down without the worry of allergens that goose down can contribute to. It is naturally hypoallergenic, dust mite, mold, and mildew resistant. Microgel fibre is 100 times finer than poly fibres and is a hypoallergenic, synthetic fill that feels like down.

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