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Harper Latex Pillow (Contour)


The perfect pillow for everyone

Our latex pillow fits everyone because of it's contour shapes adaptable to every sleep positions and shoulder sizes

Why'll you love it

100% natural bamboo fibre fabric
Grade A natural latex keeps u cool
Antimicrobial & naturally hypro allegernic

Our best selling pillow designed to fits every sleep positions.


Tropical Leaves

An innovative pillow that
fits every sleep



100% Premium Natural Latex 

Our natural latex pillow made with Malaysia Grade A natural latex.From raw material to finish product we build the best and sell at best.

Maximise support for head & shoulder

it provides proper comfort and alignment for head & shoulder, it will hold its shape for the entirety sleep, in any sleep position to eliminates neckpain problem.


Antimicrobial & naturally hypro allegernic

Harper natural latex pillow often recommended for people with allegies, our pillow resist dustmites and fungus , mold ,bacteria and midew, so you dont have to worry about them,sinister while you sleep.


Keeps you cool 

The pinholes in our natural latex pillow will promotes superior air circulation,dissiate body heat so the pillow stays nice and cool whole night long provide you a refreshing sleep.

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